Palace in Dubai

Client: Undisclosed
Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Services Provided: Concept Design
Total Built-up Area: 11,300 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 6,600,000
Starting Date: 1998
Completion Date: 1998


Located in a newly planned neighborhood in Dubai, this residential complex consists of a group of interrelated buildings set within a richly landscaped grounds creating a village/oasis environment. The complex consists of three parts: the main palace (men’s reception, offices, dining and services), the family and women’s palace, and the services buildings (including a mosque, gymnasium, parking and servants quarters). The layout of buildings is influenced by climatic conditions and the integration of buildings and landscape is intended to create a favorable microclimate through the extensive use of vegetation and water features and the utilization of wind towers and shading devices. The project image is clearly inspired by the architectural traditions of the region within a contemporary framework.