Al-Talhouni Residence

Client: Mr.Khalil Al-Talhouni
Location: Amman – Jordan
Services Provided: Design & Supervision
Total Built-up Area: 955 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 200,000
Starting Date: 1990 Design – 1991 Supervision
Completion Date: 1991 Design – 1992 Supervision


This project involves the remodeling of an existing house and designing a diwaniyah as an annex, which consists of a reception majlis, a dining area, and a kitchen and services area. The house and diwaniyah are built around a courtyard in the Islamic garden tradition, with lush vegetation of Mediterranean trees and flowers, water features, and patterned floors. Intricate wooden mashrabiyas are used for the doors and windows surrounding the courtyard and inside the living area. The garden layout and furniture makes it usable all day long and around the year. While reflecting the contemporary living requirement, the house and its garden are reminiscent of the great houses of traditional Islamic cities.