Doha Grand Park Palace

Client: Private Engineering Office
Location: Doha – Qatar
Services Provided: Master planning & Architectural Design
Plot Size: 21,560 sq.m
Total Built-up Area: 7,990 sq.m
Starting Date: 2014
Completion Date: 2014


The Doha Grand Park Residential Compound is a unique residential project that acts as a time capsule of the Arab Gulf heritage reconfigured to suite modern-day living.
The traditional architectural elements of the Arabian Gulf are evident in all aspects of the design of the compound where the Pointed Arches, the Arabian Fountains, and the numerous green pockets between buildings create a unique experience for the Residents when walking between the ‘scattered’ layouts of buildings that are inspired by the organic growth of 19th century Arabian villages.
Using contemporary materials to present traditional elements in a way that suit the modernity of today, the luxurious Doha Grand Park Residential Compound is the perfect marriage between the traditional Arabian Gulf architecture, with the modernity of the 21st Century.