Rawadat Abu Dhabi, C071-C089-C100

Location: Abu Dhabi- UAE
Client: Reem Developers
Plot Size: 2,575.74 sq.m – 2,122.46 sq.m – 1,435.17 sq.m
Built-Up Area: 19,307.4 sq.m –13,717 sq.m –12,839.40 sq.m
Construction Cost: 21,237,700.00 JOD – 15,088,700.00 JOD – 14,122,900.00 JOD
Services Provided: Architectural Design


Rawdhat Abu Dhabi is a vibrant urban tapestry, it is a three – dimensional vision for a caring humane urban habitation and is a fully coordinated development with ample viable investment opportunities.
The project consists of three plots designed for residential apartments of varying sizes.
Taking into consideration the urban design and the assigned three architectural styles, richness is created through diversity and variety which emphasizing the sense and the presence of place throughout the whole development. The architectural design submitted explores carefully the challenging program and the planning requirements for each building producing an elegant solutions with maximum design efficiency without compromising the special flavor of the architectural themes (traditional gulf & Mediterranean) assigned by the overall development setting and competition plots regulations.