Diyar Al – Muharraq Affordable Housing Project

Client: Diyar Al – Muharraq
Location: South Island / Muharraq – Bahrain
Services Provided: Concept Design & Schematic
Total Built-up Area: 225 – 250 sq.m / Villa
Construction Cost: US $ 500,000 / Villa
Starting Date: 2009
Completion Date :2009


The project is located in south island of al – Moharraq contains 200 villas as affordable housing for Bahraini citizens. Villas designed to suit life in the Gulf of Bahrain in terms of the distribution of internal spaces. The exterior design was in line with the traditional Bahraini architecture in contemporary shape. The villas include 3-4 bedrooms having side courtyard which most of the rooms open to this court to gain light and ventilation. However the project was part of master plan designed to accommodate hundreds of Bahraini families.