Deera Residential Building

Location: Amman – Jordan
Client: Deera Investment and Real Estate Co.
Plot Size: 1,800,000 sq.m
Starting Date: June 2018
Completion Date: December 2021
Services Provided: Master Planning, Architectural & Engineering Design


The intention of the project is to provide affordable housing for low-income citizens. For this, efficiency and sustainability of design were of utmost importance.
The efficiency of design is reflected in both the facades and the floor plans of the apartments. The facades for instance, are of standardized order to allow for precast fabrication. On the other hand, the floor plans utilize space to the maximum capacity by decreasing circulation from the average 15% to a very efficient 5%.
The sustainability of the design is mirrored within the engineering of the blocks themselves. The bearing walls of each block are strategically placed on the exterior walls of each apartment allowing for non-bearing wall partitioning within each apartment. This enables each owner to customize and amend their apartment depending on the number of rooms they require at any stage of their lives.