DAMAC Tower in Abdali

Location: Amman-Jordan
Client: DAMAC
Plot Size: 49,443 sq.m
Built-Up Area:  84,018 sq.m
Starting Date: September 2011
Services Provided: Design review, value Engineering, Supervision services


Stemming from the accumulated experience of DAR AL-OMRAN in design review and supervision services, the DAMAC Tower, along with its courtyard, were reviewed in order to achieve the highest level of design efficiency as well as the implementing principles and practices of value engineering.

Located in Abadali on two different streets levels, this helped create a second mezzanine floor with a consistent image of the building, The Tower and its Annex are L shaped, and the courtyard is U shaped. Moreover; the parking entrance/ exit is approached from the lower street which facilitates the connection to the infrastructure for Abdali District.