Al Shamkha National Housing project

Client: Sorouh properties
Location: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirate
Services Provided: Concept and Schematic Design
Total Built-up Area: 109,700 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 81,000,000
Starting Date: 2009
Completion Date: 2010


The design philosophy was based on creating an original experience, which enhances the place attachment, encourages the sense of community and gives more secure and peaceful feeling to users and residents. The understanding of the current trends, needs, preferences and lifestyle of Emirati Families led to a flexible design strategy that aims to satisfy a wiser category of Emirati people in terms of planning, style, and landscape, the approach proposed three architectural styles for the different courthouse-based villas; Islamic, Gulf and modern style. For each type of villas with its central court, the design aimed to ensure the best functionality of the villa taking into consideration of the best efficiency to conform to the goals and the objectives of this project.