Location: Riyadh – KSA
Client: Masharef International Co. Ltd.
Plot Size: 3,897 sq.m
              3,222 sq.m
Construction Cost: 22,250,000 SAR
Starting Date: March 2013
Completion Date: March 2014
Services Provided: Architectural, Engineering, and Interior Design


The Project consists of two Mosques (Grand Mosque at plot area 2,847sq.m & Local Mosque at 1,050 sq.m) within Masharef Hills’

Resident project located in North of Riyadh (Abu Baker Al Siddiq Road).

The design principals are unique creating functional and dynamic contemporary mosques and annexes by providing a practical and easy – to – use, according to local authorities’ Codes /requirements/regulations taking in consideration the best practice design.

The Mosques are designed in line with the spirit of buildings surrounded and location, and in the line of cost effective