Client: Riyadh Development Authority
Location: Al Kharj – Saudi Arabia
Services Provided: Competition, Design & Supervision
Total Built-up Area: 7,000 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 6,000,000
Starting Date: 1996 Design – 1997 Supervision
Completion Date: 1996 Design – 1998 Supervision


Located to the north of Al-Riyadh at the entrance of Al-Kharj city, King Abdul Aziz Mosque came to replace an old mosque that was demolished amongst other buildings, so as to develop a new centre that would include a mosque, a public plaza, a justice square and a vegetable market providing the necessities of the public without overlooking the spiritual aspect.

The design represented the winning model in an international architectural competition where the design was congruent with the traditional mosques with a contemporary approach, as well as being in line with the agricultural surroundings, through the garden and plaza’s that connect with the mosques court. Moreover, shaded and semi-shaded areas are used to represent transitional zones between open and enclosed areas, in order to reduce heat.