Location: Dhahran – KSA
Client: Perkins Eastman
Plot Size: 20 different plots
Built-Up Area: Neighborhood Mosque 1,400 sq.m, Friday Mosques 3,500 sq.m, Grand Mosque 5,500 sq.m
Starting Date: April 2014
Completion Date: June 2015
Services Provided: Architectural Design


With our unrivaled experience in Islamic Architecture, DAR AL OMRAN were specifically chosen to assist Perkins Eastman in the development of twenty Mosques within a Mega ARAMCO development designed for ARAMCO employees.

The success of this project is doubled, where our mastery in Islamic architecture and expertise in BIM modeling accelerated the design process of the mosques.

The first success of this project is the ability to integrate three different types of mosques in a project that was in final design stages, inheriting the modern architecture style the project followed but also respecting Islamic architecture. This resulted in a contemporary intake on typical Mosques that complimented the rest of the development.

The second success lies in the coordination between the various disciplines in design. Using BIM software, DAR AL OMRAN was able to detect clashes between various systems ensuring smooth communication between our in-house Architecture team and the MEP team of Perkins Eastman