Location: Manamha – Bahrain

Starting Date: 2013

Services Provided: Interior Design


On an Island full of treasures, The Sheraton Hotel overlooking the sea is located in one of the most vital business districts in Bahrain. The interior design concept introduces the possibility of upgrading the Current Hotel Environment and Experience in line with the Starwood hotels vision along with the unique features of the Kingdome to be one of the leading hotels in the region. 

In today’s modern society, we spend more time thinking about the hotels where we wish to stay whenever we make travel plans whether it is for business or pleasure beyond selecting a hotel based on location and price, we now look for features of visual and experiential appeal. Invariably, the emergence of hotels which distinguish themselves in their style and design allow us to choose from a wide variety of properties, where the experience in the hotel itself has become as important as the experience of the destination.