Client: Ministry of Culture
Location: Manama – Al-Bahrain
Services Provide: Design Competition
Total Built-up Are: 45,000 sq.m
Starting Date: 2012
Completion Date: 2012


Bab Al Bahrain Square has gradually transformed into parking lots. However, due to the historical importance and its central location, it has potential of becoming a vibrant public square; located at the entrance of the Manama market it has the advantage of enhancing the feel of belonging within the urban context

The proposed design for the competition enhances the urban, historical and functional values, through the revival of the relationship with the sea, where the design proposes a viable square that is linked to the changes in the patterns of life in the Arab world, in addition to providing practical solutions for traffic and car parking that can be located below the square, and through moving the existing post office building, and providing new activities within the square