Location: Ihsa – KSA
Client: King Faisal University
Starting Date: 2013
Services Provided: Interior Design


Allocated in the central area of the King Faisal University premises and serving the staff and their families the plaza was to offer a sanctuary for its users. The buildings were divided into four main buildings; segregated men and women social clubs, common area building and the market building. Each building is to stimulate its users an unforgettable experience throughout the use if the space.

The interior design was derived from the buildings architectural which was distinctive with busy and various openings through the walls and slabs, imposing as a primary element that cannot be neglected or ignores. Thus, the interior design was dynamic reflecting the importance of these elements, creating the concept of “Order within dynamic chaos”. Therefore the use of slanted columns, floors and walls where used to enhance the experience of the user but in an orderly manner giving the spaces a phenomenal feeling of the modern material and techniques used on the interiors of the buildings