Location: Hasa – KSA
Client: King Faisal University
Plot Size: 7,241 sq.m
Built-Up Area: 13,075 sq.m
Construction Cost: 90 million USD
Starting Date: March 2015
Completion Date: May 2015
Services Provided: Architectural Design


The project location had a distinctive value due to its alignment to a major spine in the university campus, and the triangular shape of the land had a powerful force on the massing attribute and the internal function layout.

The concept of the building was based on the simulation of the profession practice, how to be lawyers and judges, and that was clearly implemented in some architectural features such as the grand stairs, columns and the inscriptions on the main elevations.

Following the client preferences, a green and sustainable approach was adopted, hence our concept in adding a court in the middle and the outside breathing units was very convenient to get the required quality of the internal spaces