Client: Damascus University
Location: Damascus – Syria
Services Provided: Design
Total Built-up Area: 22,200 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 8,570,000
Starting Date: 2003
Completion Date: 2004


The Damascus University Central Library design represents a contemporary expression of local heritage that can be seen in the Hamidiya Bazaar in the city centre and the Damascus Citadel, as to be a vivid example that reflects the heritage of the ancient city of Damascus, and use of latest electromechanical technology and systems, thus expressing a distinct vision and model for modern central libraries.

Overlooking the main branch of Barada River, the library is located within the premises of one of the oldest and deeply rooted Arab universities in the region, with a design that enables it to shelf 500,000 different books and volumes and serves 3000 scholars in its building.