Location: Derraiyah – Riyadh- KSA
Client: Arriyadh Development Authority
Plot Size: 13500 sq.m
Built-Up Area: 46,500 sq.m
Construction Cost: 54,000,000 SAR
Starting Date: 2007
Completion Date: 2009
Affiliation: MK 2 International
Services Provided: Urban Design, A/E Design, Supervision


Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab foundation design is not depending on dazzling sight
but on simplicity to make it easy to understand the meanings of this spiritual Islamic heritage. The goal of the building is to identify the message of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab to the visitor by raising his curiosity through dealing with the sun light to imitate the day and night succession.
So the environment (light & shadow) inside the building will vary every moment in harmony with the day time. This cosmic phenomenon (day & night succession) is understandable for both Muslim and non-Muslim in all eras.
The mosque will be the most important element in the project as a religious center just like Prophet Mohammed (P.B.O.H), surrounded by buildings. The mosque and the building will form an educational and activities fence. This fence goes through a network that located at an angle from the existing mosque which is oriented to the Kiblah while the educational fence oriented to Turaif. The sloping roof surface can be used as an educational theater available for the visitors even while the foundation is closed