Client: Tamdeen Real Estate Company
Location: Feheheel – Kuwait
Services Provided: Remodeling Design, Supervision
Total Built-up Area: 30,000 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 25,000,000
Starting Date: 2000 Design – 2003 Supervision
Completion Date: 2002 Design – 2006 Supervision


The design of Al-Manshar complex project emerged from the need to find a common urban language that combines traditional and contemporary character in the form of distinctive architecture where heritage meets the requirements of modern times; resulting in a contemporary shopping and entertaining complex, whilst preserving the cultural and traditional aspects of the region, and which ensures a complex that serves the local community of Al-Fehaheel city.

The urban approach to this project achieved a balance through linking existing parts of the old complex with the streets through a set of additional buildings, restoration, and development, linking these new elements through a series of air-conditioned passageways, covered courtyards with metal and tents like ceiling amidst an advanced structural technology.

The design included the remodeling of 10,500 sq.m shops, in addition to extra 4,000 sq.m, a food court, anchor stores of 6000 sq.m, and public activity areas covering 5000 sq.m.