Client: Morganti
Location: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirate
Services Provided: Design Competition
Total Built-up Area: 28,700 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 50,000,000
Starting Date: 2008
Completion Date: 2008



The proposed design for the project, which includes the design of two prototypes of courts; small and medium courts to be distributed in different areas across the emirate of Abu Dhabi, where the focus was on finding a common architectural approach that creates a balanced dialogue between the community and the authority through the judiciary system.

The building is divided into two parts, the tower representing power and strength, where it includes the courtroom associated with the Judges offices and staff facilities, while the other part is the podium that stores different spaces and functions associated with the visitors activities, linked by a passageway that originates from the main entrance and ends with the Mosques minaret; recalling the pattern of traditional Arab city streets.