Client: Barwa Real Estate Company
Location: Doha – Qatar
Services Provided: Design Competition
Built up Area: Ground floor: 154,223 sq.m – 1st floor 49,699 sq.m – 2nd floor 30,288 sq.m –  Covered surface parking: 70,000 sq.m  –  Underground parking and services: 103,000 sq.m
Total Built up Area: 347,000 sq.m
Construction Cost : US $ 415,000,000
Starting Date : 2012
Completion Date : 2012


The project aims to develop courthouse complex for Al-Doha –Qatar on a 270,000 sq.m site combining all levels of judicial system. The intention of the project is to create a complex that represents the power of justice through a dynamic equilibrium between Qatari desert life (Qatari heritage) and modern technology.

The site is sculptured around the three nodes representing levels of judicial system to form the dunes (reflecting Qatari desert life) through which oasis of justice (Wahat Aladel) is engraved. The oasis is covered with a steel mega-structure resembling the desert tents. The programmatic components are organized within the site on three floors and a basement.