Client: Palestinian National Authority (P.N.A.)
Location: Nablus – Palestine
Services Provided: Design
Total Built up Area: 5,200 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 3,500,000
Starting Date: 1996
Completion Date: 1997


The project is located on one of the beautiful hills of Nablus with a mild terrain overlooking the city. Intended as headquarter for P.N.A President, this project consists of a main building and three secondary buildings. The main building comprises three floors of offices and presidential meeting rooms along with the President’s residence. Secondary buildings comprise three units of two and three floors housing offices and the President’s staff residences. The project design responds to the sloping terrain and places the main building on the top wrapped with the other buildings, which cascade down the hill. Olive trees form the second layer wrapping around the buildings to integrate the project within its sensitive surroundings.