Ministry of Culture

Service Provided: A, E Design & Supervision
Project Status: Completed 2014
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Construction Cost: 54,000,000 SAR
Built Up Area: 46,500 sq.m


The Ministry of Culture reflects the essence and beauty of the cultural heritage interpreted into contemporary design. The aim was to reflect this ideological reflection in the building itself. This is done through preserving the hypostyle mosque (shaikh Mohammad bin Abdulwahab mosque) as the backbone of the complex following the religious axis of Al Qibla and having the building envelope oriented toward the cultural axis of AlTuraif. Thus the design experimentations have achieved the desired goal whereby the MOC is a bridge connecting between the past and the future, as well as being a keystone in the development of the central area in Al-Bujairi.

After achieving the intended orientation, the aim to tone down the scale of the building prioritizing human scale and to keep the view from Turaif over the wadi harmonized with the landscape and continuity of its escarpment. For that the adopted strategy was to have the roof merges from the ground level from the wadi side, and slopes up to form an extension of the terraces, while the building emerges slowly beneath it.