Ministry of Culture - Interior

Service Provided: A, E & Interior Design
Project Status: Completed 2019
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Construction Cost: 7,000,000 SAR
Built Up Area: 712 sq.m


The Design of this project is a visual and conceptual representation of the ministry’s vision and cultural approach, as it aims to showcase a rich national identity that is rooted to its history, and nurtured by its creative future generations. The project incorporates an executive office, exhibition space and supporting facilities. 

The ground floor acts as an open cultural exhibition that displays historic, cultural, and abstract art pieces and installations done by several Saudi artists and sculptors. The main design elements have been inspired by the traditional weaving of Sadu, which has been renowned to be one of the oldest and most famous Saudi patterns, locally and globally. All in all, the design of this projects was meant to be simple, yet luxurious and inspired from cultural aspects.