Client: Holy Makkah Municipality
Location: Makkah, KSA
Services Provided: Concept Design
Total Built up Area: 128,527 sq.m
Starting Date: 2013
Completion Date: on going


This design aims to replace the Holy Makkah Municipality in its futuristic vision, and meet the needs of the developing holy city.

Three main buildings form the project, the main building which includes the VIP offices and main theater is centralized, on one side is the parking building and on the other side offices and public waiting areas.

The mosque which is located in the central plaza is performing as an additional arcade which gives it maximum integration with the main plaza and reflects the importance of Islam in their daily life.

The façade treatment is derived from the old Hejazi architecture and the use of the screens “mashrabia” as well as the site which reflects the urban fabric and topography of the holy city.