Location: Al Madinah – KSA
Client: Madinah Munawara Regional Municipality
Plot Size: 37,510 sq.m
Built-Up Area: 19,975 sq.m
Starting Date: 2014
Services Provided: Interior Design


The municipality of Al-Madinah Al-Munawara is one of the governmental backbones of the city, and which plays an important role in upgrading the infrastructure services in Al-Madinah in addition to preserving its heritage. The architecture of the building is characterized by the traditional Islamic style, however; the interior was to reflect the vision and values of the municipality in the evolving world. This was through studying the functions and spaces that exist in the municipality and translating them into the modern way of working, in addition to creating a live museum where visitors and customers can view antiques from the heritage of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah.

The Islamic arches used throughout the spaces that were interpreted in a contemporary manner inspired the interior design. The base of the design started with the interior layout, which aimed the improvement of work productivity, and a well-defined hierarchy in workspaces. This allowed the use of finishing materials that complement the space giving it its own identity that lines up with the “keeping services up-to-date”. Use of materials such as wood, printed glass and polymer cement, all combined together giving the image of contemporary offices in a developing world.