Client: Kuwait Ministry of Justice
Location: Kuwait
Services Provided: Design Competition
Total Built-up Area: 80,000 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 170,000,000
Starting Date: 2008
Completion Date: 2008
J.V. / Associate: Gulf Consultant


The proposed design for this global competition of the Kuwait court house, aims to create a new standard form for the court building, in a manner inspired by the architectural heritage of the Arab and Islamic world in Kuwait and the origins of traditional justice on the one hand, and meets the requirements of modern life with its intricate social and economic development on the other. The design was proposed through a dynamic vision which achieves functional requirements, and which also meets sustainable requirements with a contemporary approach using basic principles and modern technology, this innovative model ranked second in a list of nineteen global consulting firms, where the assessment indicated high appreciation amongst the jury; where this form of design in creating a sustainable environment represents the power of justice and generates a state of dynamic equilibrium.