Urban Planning for Wadi Amman

Client: Government of H.K.J
Location: Amman – Jordan
Services Provided: Planning & Urban Development
Site Area: 110 Hectares
Construction Cost: US $ 425,500,000
Starting Date: 2004
Completion Date: 2004


The project’s strategy combines upgrading the socio-economic profile of the area as well as the urban morphological structure, as it represents developing the urban fabric in a balanced manner.

Situated within the strategic location and historical significance of the center of Amman, connecting it to Zarqa, Jordan’s second largest city, The Urban Planning for Wadi Amman project captures the importance of the site as the eastern gateway to the Capital.

With an evolutional well-planned process of the whole city center of Amman, this project will serve as a model and an inspiration for investors to develop other existing active areas and sites in Amman and in other cities in Jordan.