Client: Saudi Government
Location: Mecca – Saudi Arabia
Services Provided: Design Competition
Total Built up Area: 65,000 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $70,000,000
Starting Date: 2012
Completion Date: 2012


The concept of Al-Emara complex in Makkah Al-Mukharama was influenced by the morphology of the architectural style of A-Hijaz, which combines the architectural modality of the traditional buildings and the urban fabric of Makkah, thus; creating a base point for the broader development plan, through the use of technology, professional guidance and the new strategy of fabricating governmental buildings.

The project lies on the western border of Makkah, and consist of offices and occupations needed to offer services to the local community, comprising of HRH prince’s office, senior and local staff, where the public are served not through the job but within spaces open to commute with the people.