Client: Arriyadh Development Authority
Location: Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
Services Provided: Design Competition
Site Area: 5,622 sq.m
Total Built-Up Area: 16,100 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 21,333,000
Starting Date: 2011
Completion Date: 2012


The new headquarters of ADA will be located in Diplomatic Quarter – Arriyadh. The proposed site is adjacent to the existing ADA building and in the vicinity of the institutional building of UN and the business oasis office building located to the North of the site.

The project is an Office Building that combines the existing building and the proposed extension and reflect the image and the aims of ADA to the implementation between the modernity and the heritage. To reflect the identity and the image of a high profile institutional and administrational function with retaining simplicity. To address the over all urban design from of the surrounding area of the precinct and connected physical & functionally with existing ADA building at all floors. To have a physical link through an open space at the ground floor with the adjacent AlKindi Plaza and viewing from adjacent external urban context to have a visual connection between the plaza and surrounding. To keep visual continuity and maintain the pedestrian access between Umayah AbuSultan Street and Kindi Plaza the Urban spine was designed to achieve this idea.

The Extension Building was oriented to respect Qibla direction emphasis it by creating a multi hierarchy of spaces and courtyards, a new concept for office building was achieved. These act as social gathering areas for the public as well as for the private (office users) in addition they allow natural light to penetrate deep inside the building. The Landscape took in consideration, the Kindi Plaza renovation & small gardens were located in key places within the building extension to create a healthy environment and provide nice views.