Client: Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department
Location: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Services Provided: Design & Supervision
Total Built-up Area: 110,000 sq.m
Construction Cost: US $ 350,000,000
Starting Date: 2007 Design – 2009 Supervision
Completion Date: 2008 Design – 2014 Supervision


Through recognizing the differences between civil and sharea’ rulings and transforming the relationship between secularism and religion to a relationship based on physical perception the Abu Dhabi court project was implemented.

The design comprises of three axis, the first is religion, which is reflected through the Quranic verses engraved on the façade, and which continues on the internal walls of the court, noting that the court is directed towards the Qibleh. The second is the functional axis, which covers the functional and operational requirements through the implementation of the space layouts. The third is associated with the social aspect, pursuing linking the other axis together, where all the courts are oriented towards the city and the surrounding network.