DAR AL OMRAN Planning. Architecture. Engineering. (DAO) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, with a distinguished international presence in urban planning studies, architectural and engineering designs for local, regional, and international Clients. “We derive from the past what we design for today to withstand the future.” With a remarkable team of experienced and creative professionals, DAO strives to offer Clients contemporary and innovative solutions that fulfill their aspirations and achieve their goals, while adhering to local and international standards.

What We Do


Based on DAR AL OMRAN’s architectural design philosophy and Dr. Rasem Badran‘s vision, all projects are constructed to function and shape the local culture and living patterns according to the project type, time and budget.


Covers all types and levels of planning services including  regional planning, urban planning, urban regeneration urban designs and local area planning.


Having an integrated team of design engineers with structural, electrical and mechanical experience working hand in hand with the architects, DAR AL OMRAN provides different solutions to determine the best engineering design process

Our Philosophy

Arising from the Firm’s approach and Dr. Rasem Badran’s belief that delivering an integrated architectural design is an attempt towards reaching a level of humanity and sensitivity to the living environment, DAR AL-OMRAN’s professional team allocates its extensive knowledge and building research towards inspiring outstanding living models and paradigms.

To prevent having abandoned and neglected places, and creating various and memorable environments with solid evolution solutions instead, the Firm is keen on delivering its philosophy through designs and environments that interact with the cultural and local aspects, while enriching their value and solidifying their sense of belonging to the place.

Leader in shaping and delivering contemporary designs, inspired by nature, guided by culture 

We assess by sense, design by challenge and deliver with excellence 

 Strive for excellence 


Embrace each other 

Passionate about what we do 

Our Achievements

DAO is ISO 9001 certified since 1998, and has a Quality Management Certificate that meets the new requirements and standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO 45001 also, DAO ranked among the top 225 international design firms for the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 in the Engineering New Record (ENR) survey.